Tips for Travelling Through Europe

In the past years, Europe has been the most complex continent to travel. That is because of the mixed cultures, heritage, customs, architecture as well as languages.  Dissolution of borders in the country has also made travelling to Europe more easier. Here are some tips for travelling through Europe.

Tips for Travelling Through Europe

Visiting during the off season

Touring Europe at peak-season can be irritating because of the long long lines and big crowds of people within the major cities like Paris and London.  It is advisable to avoid travelling to Europe between July and August as people gather in droves to see attractions like the Mona Lisa and the Sistine Chapel every year. You may also lack the real feel of staying in Europe since Europeans tend to go for vacation elsewhere during this period. A good time to travel to Europe may be during the Cusp-season as well as spring season.

Studying the local Language

Learning a few phrases before travelling to Europe will enable you interact with the locals easily and make you feel more comfortable.  In any case, you get to be appreciated more by the Europeans when you speak they local language.

Make your Stay at one place Longer

People who have traveled for long will acknowledge the fact that staying in one city for more than two weeks is more beneficial than hopping from one town to the other. To many who hate packing and unpacking luggage, it is the right choice to make. Additional advantages associated with staying at one place include but not limited to knowing neighbors, choosing your favorite cafe, making friends among others.

When in Rome….

It is not a nice experience to be the tourist who stands out alone throughout the vacation season. It simply means doing what the surrounding etiquette expects you to do.   Here is some help with that.

Make Smaller Cities your Home

Having a colorful vacation in Europe will require the tourist to look for accommodation in smaller cities like Girona and Bologna. Staying in London or even Paris is expensive, there are higher hotel charges and expensive food. Big cities are also crowed with tourists and locals making getting around and seeing the sights more difficult.

Talk to People and Make New Friends each Day

When visiting a new place for the first time, it is advisable to keep social and make as many friends as possible. As a traveler in Europe, speak to vendors, shop attendants, hotel patrons and make friends. That makes your stay in Europe easier and enjoyable.

South America Travel Tips

South America Travel Tips

From the windswept archipelago of Tierra del Fuego to the tropical Caribbean beaches, traveling South America guarantees you a treasure trove full of adventures that can fuel your imagination for centuries with legendary cities, dizzying landscapes and jaw-dropping ancient ruins.

Tug on your backpack, and trail in some of the famous and infamous footsteps – from Charles Darwin’s journey and through the Che Guevara’s and Galapagos across the Andes to the ruinous path of Peru’s conquistadors.

With your backpacker-friendly hostels located at almost every corner, particularly in the irresistible cities from Rio and Buenos Aires to Cartagena and Quito, traveling in South America is not only a breeze, but it’s also a trip of a lifetime.

In this article, learn about five South American travel tips. Let’s start…..

Learn the lingo

South America is a mostly attractive destination to show off your Spanish – Buenos Aires, Argentina; Cusco, Peru; Quito, Ecuador, and Sucre, Bolivia; are the cities to learn the lingo. Most of the Brazilian cities offer a great place to learn some Portuguese. Besides, you are free to try some indigenous languages like Guarani in Paraguay or Quechua in Bolivia.

Stay safe

Like Africa and Asia, South America is also a continent where poverty is at its peak. Rural areas are safer than cities. Majority of the working-class estates in the major cities are tourist-prohibited areas. This is no difference for marginal areas near these places. So, be extra vigilant.

Research your accommodation

The accommodation range available in South America is enormous. You will be surprised that the US$10 that can buy you a room in Ecuador won’t even reach half the price of a breakfast snack in Southern Cone. However, unless you are visiting the continent during a festival time, you won’t experience accommodation problems. But just before you depart for the continent, a little research on accommodation won’t hurt.

Embrace bus travel

The “chicken” bus…. Huh! Don’t worry, you are going to get used to these binged-up ex-US old school buses, painted with cartooned images of anything – from religious figures to Tasmanian Devil and curvaceous warrior queens. They are the main means of transport for short distance voyages across most of the continent.

The name is derived, not from the stench of fried chicken brought in by your fellow passengers, but from the fact that South Americans will carry just about anything into the buses, including farm animals.

Be wise; time your trip

South America is near the equator and the tropic of Capricorn. You will, therefore, expect a tropical or subtropical climate all year round. The minimum temperatures are always 20C, whereas the rainforest regions record an average maximum temperatures of approximately 30C. From June to August, you will experience colder winters. Milder summers will come from December to February. April to October are freezing months. So, Tripadvisor recommends that your visit not be during the rainy season.

Bottom line

Of course, there are many other tips for travelling to South America. But I hope these five will help you. Now, what are you waiting, if you have been planning to traverse the continent, there you go, the travel tips are at your disposal.

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